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Congo Miracle Prayer

Heres how you can begin the 21 day Congo Miracle Prayer today. Download the MP3 and play daily while you pray.



Announcements & News

News and announcements about MyHoodooSpace

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Ancestor Altars, Traditions and Practices

How to venerate the ancestors, setup ancestor altars, and work with the ancestors in conjure.

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African Spiritual Traditions & Practices

This is the forum to discuss your interest about other areas of the African Spiritual Traditions such as Vodou, Palo, Santeria, etc.

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Amulets, Conjure Bag, Lucky Charms, Mojo Hand, Toby, Talismans,

Amulets, Conjure Bag, Lucky Charms, Mojo Hand, Toby, Talismans. How to make them, charge them, work them and dispose of them.

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Angel Names, Magical Words, and Names of God

Everyone knows the most common magical phrase is abracadabbra. But does everyone know the meaning of this magical word and how to invoke it? Share your knowledge of Angel names, magical words, and names of God and how to use them in spell casting.

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