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Rewind Dr. Kioni LIVE!

01/11/16 Dr. Kioni Live!

On this episode. Dr. Kioni interviews Heir Prince Olotu Leye Ashaye, Founder of Oduduwa Descendants World Assembly (ODWA), Ile-Ife, Nigeria.   Speaking on the topic of the Diaspora, Yoruba Traditions, the Monarchy and Spirituality. Learn how West African Kings are coronated, the meaning of Oduduwa and why the Diaspora in the Americas should embrace the Yoruba way of life. "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

12/06/15 Dr. Christos Kioni LIVE!

Introducing Oduduwa Descendants World Assembly and its mission. With discussion about the Diaspora, the Yoruba, traditions, monarchy and spirituality with Heir Prince Olotu Ashaye, Founder ODWA, Ile-Ife; and Oloyo Olowabi Aworeni son of the Araba Agbaye Oke Itase, Ile-Ife. 

9/27/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

Recorded on 9/27/15. Money Hand Magic 101. The All Powerful Money Hand Consecration. Recorded live with special money drawing formulas and tips.

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