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A negative family member ??

Started by Astroisis in Ask for Help with Your Situation. Last reply by Tiger Bancroft on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Cigar Smoke in Hoodoo

Started by Vashon Oggs in Ancestor Altars, Traditions and Practices. Last reply by Tiger Bancroft on Tuesday. 5 Replies

Rewind Dr. Kioni Live! Audio

9/27/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

Recorded on 9/27/15. Money Hand Magic 101. The All Powerful Money Hand Consecration. Recorded live with special money drawing formulas and tips.

09/03/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

Episode 09/03/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube | Sex in The Church. Did the evangelist and Sunday School teacher seduce the callers husband? Is she a wolf in sheeps clothing? Listen to this lengthy call as Dr. Kioni unravels the truth in his signature no holds barred style.  Dr. Kioni also bares his heart and shares from his soul about being called to be the worlds most foremost spiritual practitioner, the pressure and sacrifices. You've never heard this before. Stay to the very last syllable because Dr. Kioni ends this episode with a dynamic prayer of blessings and absolution. "The Dr. Is In!"

08/0615 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

Recorded on 8/6/15. With calls from NC, TX, MO, CA and Canada. Heargreat conjure remedies from Adviser Selina, Adviser Child of Oya and Dr. Kioni. Its a new format, high energy and full of GOOD JUJU FOR YOU. 

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